High Definition Video Communications
In today's fast-moving, global economy, project teams, partners and colleagues are distributed around the world. But the telephone and email are not enough. Frequent face to face meetings and meaningful dialog are vital for success, but travel is expensive and time consuming. With ENCOSE, you get the best of both worlds - meaningful communication with the right people at the right time, all without ever leaving the office.

ENCOSE is partnered with LifeSize, the market leader in High Definition Video Communications, to offer fully customizable video conferencing packages designed to fit your business needs. LifeSize products are designed to leverage your existing infrastructure so there are no hidden costs. With the lowest acquisition cost, and lowest total cost of ownership, LifeSize makes HD video communications accessible to everyone.

Best Practices. High Standards. Long Term Focus. All this combined with our team's unparalleled breadth of knowledge will enable your business to have the best possible IT experience.


Email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-877-WE LIVE IT (1-877-935-4834).

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