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ENCOSE was founded in 2005 by Josh Kwok and a group of IT consultants who believed that their expertise could help companies of any size further their businesses goals without having to invest valuable resources to learn all of the key IT technologies necessary for success. Because we live IT at ENCOSE, our customers can focus on their real business. We love researching the latest technologies to find out which ones really work and which ones offer the best bang-for-the-buck. We don’t just recommend something because everybody else does or because everyone else uses it. Instead we do the research and find the best solutions for all kinds of businesses in all stages of development—businesses of all sizes with all sorts of needs.

Josh Kwok is the Founder and Principal Consultant of ENCOSE. Mr. Kwok has over fifteen years of progressive experience in the IT consulting industry, with the four most recent years at the helm of ENCOSE.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kwok has consulted for over 300 companies and has built a reputation as one of the industry’s foremost experts in IT infrastructure. Customers value his extraordinary breadth of technical expertise as well as his business acumen.

Mr. Kwok has earned multiple advanced level certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Juniper. His pursuit of knowledge is also evident in his constant study of new technology and industry best practices.

Mr. Kwok values innovation, constant improvement, and thoroughness. Mr. Kwok’s vision for ENCOSE is very clear and focused. Best practices, high standards, and a long term focus combined with an unparalleled breadth of knowledge are the key components of the best possible IT experience for ENCOSE’s customers.

ENCOSE employs a group of IT consultants that have the same values and passion for execellence as Mr. Kwok. The ENCOSE group of consultants has a wide range of expertise in IT and has worked in a myriad of business environments.

We know your business is not IT—you need IT to enable your business to operate and grow more efficiently and economically. That is where we come in—finding the right solutions for your business.

Best Practices. High Standards. Long Term Focus. All this combined with our team's unparalleled breadth of knowledge will enable your business to have the best possible IT experience.


Email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-877-WE LIVE IT (1-877-935-4834).

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