Proactive Maintenance
ENCOSE believes that constant and vigilant review of IT systems minimizes downtime and keeps your business running smoothly. Unplanned downtime costs money and is unacceptable. We never wait for a problem to surface before we act. By regularly checking on all IT systems to verify optimal efficiency and operation, we act as a steel trap for any potential issues before they can become problems. Our philosophy says that solutions aren't solutions if they only work just some of the time, so we make proactive maintenance an integral portion of your overall IT strategy.

Proactive maintenance is, on one hand, keeping IT systems up-to-date to avoid operational problems and, on the other, providing incremental improvements. While the possibility of incidental system downtime can never be completely eradicated, proactively maintained systems, in such a scenario, are more likely to have a fix available due to the contingency measures that are taken beforehand. Proactively maintained IT systems are less likely to need major overhaul since they are under regularly scheduled review.

Because ENCOSE works with you to develop a strategic plan and designs our solutions to be expansive rather than limiting, we can keep all of your IT systems running with minimal downtime through Proactive Maintenance.

Best Practices. High Standards. Long Term Focus. All this combined with our team's unparalleled breadth of knowledge will enable your business to have the best possible IT experience.


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