Business Critical Services Monitoring and Trouble Resolution
ENCOSE believes in real-time monitoring of critical business services. We don’t just install IT systems and wait for you to call when something is amiss. Instead, we engage in proactive maintenance to keep all your systems up to date and actively monitor critical IT functions. Based on our IT consulting staff’s experience with IT technologies and business situations along with our proactive maintenance, we can resolve issues with a minimum of downtime and lost productivity.

ENCOSE can be aware of critical IT systems problems instantly and take steps to solve them before they can become serious business disruptions – sometimes without you even knowing there is a problem.

Best Practices. High Standards. Long Term Focus. All this combined with our team's unparalleled breadth of knowledge will enable your business to have the best possible IT experience.


Email us at or call us toll-free at 1-877-WE LIVE IT (1-877-935-4834).

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